Rare, unique, and high quality heirlooms…

72009f0f-1cc0-499c-a52c-1f030098d65dMedicine Rock Trading Company takes pride in finding rare, unique, and high-quality items for our customers.  We spend the time to research items and provide a back-story on them whenever possible.  When you buy from Medicine Rock Trading Company, you get a great deal on items that others rarely find!

Often, our customers ask us to find something that they once owned or that a loved one of theirs once owned.  “Can you find a saddle & bridle like my Granddad once owned?”  We love a good challenge and can help you find what you are looking for saving you time and effort!  We also sell items on consignment and provide a free item pickup service and complete Estate Sales.

We also buy items that we like and think others would like to own.  You can see some of the items we have available at Booth #77, It Is What It Is Flea Market located at 6464 Hwy 36 West in Rose Bud.  We also have other items available for sale at our warehouse which can be seen by appointment.  Just contact us for more information or to schedule a visit.

We will soon offer items for sale on this site so please check back often!

Truth is the property of no individual but is the treasure of all men.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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